Not much going on in the world for us today.

Since we are 9 days out from Halloween, I thought I would share something that scares me.

Hi, my name is Patricia, and I am deathly afraid of  the Ta-Ti. (pronounced: tah-tie)

First, let me define the ta-ti, as a Cajun child you are told that you better be good or else the ta-ti is going to get you. You learned quick to develop this healthy fear of the ta-ti, because this creature lives in your mind, and is only as bad as you make him/her/ “IT” out to be. My ta-ti, is a clown.

See, birthday clowns…they don’t bother me, I can draw them and look at pictures of their upside smiles all day long and think “You poor sick fool, your mom really did a number on you” and not flinch even the slightest.

BUT! Let that fool from It by Stephen King flash across something, yeah I’m under a couch, coffee table, hiding behind Trond…using his hands to cover my eyes..because lets face it, if I can’t see you, then you can’t see me.

Pennywise, yes; I know my nemesis’ name, is one scary thing. He lives in drains and watches you. This is the reason I do not walk on: drains on the side of the road, grates covering holes in parking lots, grated stairs, and do not put my hand near drains in sinks/tubs etc. Yes! I am odd I know, well aware. The great part of all of it, I have raised 5 evilly delicious children that think it is hilarious to jump on the grates, fake pass their foot into the drains on the side of the road, and reach through the drains in parking lots…and scream : “MOMMA! HELP!! PENNYWISE GOT ME!!”…yep, they are wonderful fun. If you ever need to know if your heart works, hang out with my kids, they will have you reaching for a defib machine.

My children keep me young, because the reinforce my fears, and old at the same time…because I think they are trying to see exactly what it would take to give Momma a heart attack on the spot. I believe they have a pool going on who can cause it first.


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