Real Time

Ok so this morning started off with some excitement!

I’ve recently started taking some new sleeping medicine since my insomnia is massive and can overtake even the most powerful of sleep aids. I am very fearful of over-sleeping and not getting the kids to school when the Viking isn’t home, so I tend to set a variety of alarms through out my room. Let’s see, the TV goes off…my clock goes off…and my phone goes off at various times and at various tones so I know how urgent it is that I get up.

Now, that being said, I have developed a rather nasty skill. I can reset clocks in my sleep. Not just add time to the regular time, but change alarms as well. And, it appears that I may have done this last night. I blame the sleep medicine. It says clearly on the label….”If you are the mom, you will probably reset every clock in your house just so you will over sleep and miss EVERYTHING that needs to be done in the morning.”

Well, we had the time change this last weekend and for the most part I have been doing pretty dern good on it, if I do say so myself….until…this morning. This morning the TV turned on; I turned it off. The phone alarm started; I turned it off. I have an iPhone, I actually turned off the phone…now we know that takes time and a certain hand-eye coordination to get done properly, and I snoozed my clock, and then woke up 1 minute later…LATE!

Now in my head I was very white rabbit, “I’m late, I’m late, I’m late for a very important date” and I start panic mode. Now, my 10 yr old is the only one I have to actually help get ready in the morning due to her exceptionalities. So I start yelling….GET UP! GET UP! I’M SORRY…I OVERSLEPT GET UP! And she jumps out of bed, I don’t think she ever actually touched the floor before saying “No momma, I’m up…no water!” ..ok, let’s pause in this for a second, she has been fighting me in the mornings, sooo last night I may have said “If you don’t get up on the first get up in the morning, I am dousing you with ice water”…yeah, and I overslept.

Well we power through, and I am looking at the clock “It’s 6:40 we have to go, come on come on.” Now in the course of the next 6 minutes, I have her dressed, shoes on, hair brushed, teeth brushed her medicine in and a quick piece of toast. My alarm goes off again, because apparently I hit snooze. I ask the boy to go and turn off my alarm for me, and I hear laughing.

I just stop moving, and stare at him.

Me: What is so flipping funny when I am running this late in the morning?

Him: *still laughing mind you”…Momma…*more obnoxiously hilarious laughter*…what time is it?

Me: Boy don’t mess with me!

Him: Momma…seriously *he stopped to breathe*…what time is it?

Me: *looks at the clock with extreme annoyance* Geez boy, it’s 6:46! The bell rings in…..*and I stop*

Him: *look of joy and satisfaction…the ha! told you so face*…what time?

Me: *slowly* 6:46…uhm, ok then! Thanks for participating in our little “I’m late drill” this morning, you have all passed…Princess, great job! Apparently I am going back to 3rd grade to learn how to tell time, and we have an hour before we need to leave. Get something real to eat for breakfast.

Dern sleep medicine, makes me be Super Mom extreme.


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