English 101

Ok, so this kinda started the other night at the Vet’s office.

The Viking and I brought our Nordic Goddess in because she wasn’t doing to well, she has some weird skin thing going on…let’s just say Thank You Odin for Puppy Insurance!! (Odin fits with our current theme, push through it; remember your sense of humor)

Well, they take Loki (yes, that’s my puppy’s name) to the back and check her out; and that leaves me (a Cajun Smartass) and The Viking (my Norwegian love) alone to talk and observe people. This older gentleman walks up to the counter, and the Viking looks out the little window in the door, the following conversation commences:

Him: That guy has on a KU sweatshirt, where is that from?

Me: uhmm, could be Kentucky…Kent…Kansas (not looking up, playing Words on my phone)

Him: Oh, ok.

Me:(looking up from my phone like I am in deep thought)  You know it could be from Nebraska too

Him: HUH? How?

Me: Well, Nebraska has a silent “K” on it. You know, like “K-nee”, it could be from “KNeebraska” State. (I can sell  ice to an igloo..yes, I meant it that way)

Him: Really?

Me: Yeah, you know there are a few words that have a silent K

Him: (almost convinced)–Yeah, you’re…(I start smiling and giggling…I can’t let a good joke go unlaughed at)…you’re just wrong for that…

(he walks out because let’s face it, the Vet office is pretty dern boring and it was my dog that isn’t feeling well)

So, that leads us to today!

We were driving down the road to pick up the Heathen Girl Child from school and we pass a convenience store that has a sign out front advertising the sale of tickets for a Christmas event. The sign says:

Tickets just $700 a piece.

Well, I said “DAMN! They are proud of some Christmas lights this year”

The Viking says: “What you mean”

Me: Well that sign said tickets were $700 a piece, but I’m sure they meant $7.00. Punctuation is important!!

Viking: Yeah, you’re right. (GOOD JOB!)

Me: Yeah, it can make all the difference in the world. A simple request can turn weird without the proper punctuation. For example: (I know I sound rather matter of factly, but that’s because that is where I was going with it! I am an Education Major, it will be my job to tell people they are wrong !)

Hey! Lets go eat, Grandma.

Turns into :

Hey let’s go eat Grandma!

Viking: (Laughing…I get a special joy when I can actually get him to laugh at something I say) Ew disgusting!


Then he didn’t say anything, he giggled to himself. See, I don’t know if the joke was on how he really meant it and he showed me to be the perv…or how I thought he meant it. I’ve been thinking about that for about 3 and a half hours now….and I’m still confused.

Initially, when I had the idea to write this blog…I was going to have a moral to the story, make me seem enlightened. You know:

Moral of the Story–

Don’t give a Cajun an opening for a simple joke, we will laugh about it for days!

But I’m thinking maybe it’s:

Don’t try to make a Viking laugh unless you are ready for the carnage of your joke being mutilated, and then have him laugh even harder over killing a joke.

He gives me a goal in life…I’m going to make him laugh like a crazy person just once! Lord knows I laugh enough at the stuff he says.



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