Out of the Mouths of Babes

Had a long talk with Ms. Katherine Grace this morning. She counted to 10, said her ABC’s, told me her full name (it’s a mouthful!) Then told me the most amazing things…kinda went like this:

Me: Who do you call if you get a bo-bo?
Her: I call you! cause you kiss band-aids before you put them on.
Me: Who do you call if someone hurts you?
Her: I call….(and that finger goes to her mouth again because she’s in deep thought)….I call Pappa!
Me: Why do you call Pappa?
Her: So he can hurt them back.
Me: Do you call anyone else?
Her: I call Daddy!!
Me: (trying so hard not to giggle) Why do you call Daddy?

Her: So he can arrest them! Then MawMaw T and Paw Paw C …can throw em in jail and never-never let them out!

Me: Oh wow! 

Her: Yep! Then MawMaw D takes me shopping at the piggy (Piggly Wiggly) place and get snacks then watch movies in her big big bed togever!

Never miss a moment to talk to your kids and really listen to what they have to say. If I could walk around with a camera on my head for the rest of their lives I would. I would never miss another day, or word they have said.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not soccer mom of the year or the one that bakes fresh homemade cookies for teachers just because. I don’t tend to volunteer and I rarely get involved with the other “super mom” things in life.


I am and have always been there for my children. I focus on the foundation of their lives, making them to be strong, smart, caring individuals for when they decide to move out and leave, they will make any situation better.

My oldest bio-son is almost 17 years old now, he lives with his father in the upper part of the state because he is in Air Force ROTC, and his dad is active duty Air Force; so that’s the right place for him. ANYWAY! He called yesterday to ask my opinion on him doing usher detail at the Independence Bowl the day after Christmas, I said : “Well that is your decision, I am very proud of you and I always said I wouldn’t let things like visits with me get in the way of your memories. Although, it will mean you have to either switch weeks that you come down, OR go back up before Christmas Day.” (I don’t travel on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, haven’t since 1991)

He paused, and said “No, I won’t do it…(his voice cracked)…I’m not missing Christmas with you. I’ve never missed Christmas with you, and I never will. EVER.”


Have I mentioned how much I love my children?


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