Say Goodnight Gracie!!

Ok, it’s been a little while since I have had anything real to say, and just when I thought that child couldn’t possibly top herself–she started talking. So here are a couple of gems from SugarBaby.

Enjoy…and remember she is only 3.

The other night while going to bed.

My son, Duck…asks me for a bottle of water. Of course I say no, and inform him I am not his slave. Now enter SugarBaby:

“Yeah, momma not you slave!”
(I’m thinking she’s on my side)
“mommy’s my slave….huh mommy”
(ugh…kid go to sleep)

Today, I was sent a picture of President Obama saying happy holidays or something. Well I asked her:

“Hey little girl ” (yes that’s how I talk to her, remember I do have 5 children plus 2 step-children, names run together)
She looks up at me and says “what”
Apparently, I am interrupting computer time, so I better make it snappy.
(biting back a laugh) I ask her…”do you love Obama?”
Without missing a beat she hooks me for another lifetime and says “I love you momma”

She is very articulate until she is ready for bed. There is a set ritual.

1.strawberry milk
2.a movie on “fetfix”

So tonight her oldest brother asks her what movie? (he doesn’t live here full time so he is rusty on speaking SugarBaby), she said:

“wanna watch junk in the trunk”
“wanna watch junk in the trunk”

(she now has her hand on her hip and one hand in the if to say…don’t make me repeat myself …AGAIN!)

Mind you, I am dying from trying not to laugh. And he just looks at me for help.

I said ” she wants to watch Gnomeo and Juliette.”

Him: *FACEPALM*– * laughs* and says “of foolish of me not to know that”

I’m telling you…this child is just plain silly.


This is her : Shhh…See I’m sleeping face. (Notice the squinched up eyes…I’m guessing someone is faking sleep)


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