Cause I’m Sugarbaby huh?

Today, I brought Gracie with me to Walmart and we walked around and shopped for her some new food. She is being tested for diabetes, so to help keep her feel better for now, I am very aware of everything she eats. So far today she has kept a pretty even keel:  no whining and fussing at the dog, no random scream at Netflix for buffering “Junk in the trunk” (Gnomeo and Juliet) and I am her favorite person.

Well, going through the store she was less than amused with people around her. We were in the toy section and a little boy was in front of us and he tripped. Well his dad fussed at him for getting in my way and making me mad. Uhm, yeah, my kids make me angry, not other people’s and definitely not a 4 yr old that tripped on his sagging “cool like baby daddy jeans”.

My daughter is my child. She said to this man:  “Don’t fuss you baby! Him tripped. Him not playin, gosh” and of course the “I pity you for being a douche head shake”. I just smiled and walked right on by.

We are minding our own business looking for silicone heart molds to make a valentine’s heart thing I found on pinterest. If you don’t know what pinterest is…here…you must look: it will forever change your life. (Ok, maybe not; but it gives you something to do). Anyway, we are walking through the baking stuff and this lady cuts Gracie off, like almost steps on her kind of cut her off, to which my child…yes MY child says: what is your problem I  walking here!

Now, in my daughter’s defense she is the most sweet, loveable, well-mannered child that you could ask for. She is considerate and helpful, empathetic and generally very well-behaved around adults. But today, she said it like it was.

So as we’re walking around she started asking about why she is eating new foods.

Me: because I want you to be healthy and not have a lot of sugary things.

Her: is this because she poked my finger and made it blood esserday?

Me:  yes, baby it is.

Her: is because her said my sugar is high?

Me: yes baby

and then she said the thing she always says to me when I say “I love you” to her

Her: is dacause I’m you sugarbaby huh momma?

Me: Yes baby I guess it is.

And that was that, she went back to pointing out things on the shelves and asking if she can have that or does it have sugar in it. A clerk dropped something and it kind of rumbled, so she quickly grabbed my phone and started pressing buttons. So afraid that she was trying to buy coins again (she tried it earlier for a game, hello? $45 for coins? uh, *cancel*) I grabbed my phone and noticed she was in the process of a text to her Aunt Kasey, I asked what was she saying, she replies: I need her to tell Loki (our dog)  don’t cry from the dunder (thunder) I’m coming.

What you doing?

Watching people.


Cause I got my eye in my hand.


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