Two Jennings?

Ok, so yesterday..the complete lack of intelligence day…apparently it is genetic!


Remember when I said the “intelligent 12 year old just shook his head” yeah, well! Let me tell you what that boy did yesterday afternoon!

He and the 3 yr old motor mouth had doctor appointments, nothing major, just a check-up. So he’s reading a book on the way there and the car is nice and peaceful because Bailey has completely fallen in love with the Kindle and motor mouth fell asleep. Well, I put on the blinker and start to take the exit. He looks up and we have the following conversation:

Him: Oh wow, we’re here already? (we live 45 mins from their Doctor because I refuse to find a new one)

Me: Yep, goes by faster when you have something to do.

Him: *looking around* so which Jennings are we in?

Me: *perplexed* huh?

Him: Which Jennings are we in? (mind you he is completely serious, and there is only one Jennings in the state of Louisiana)

Me: Uhm, the only one there is (in my head was: oh this will be interesting)

Him: No, there are two.

Me: uhhhh *drools* what?

Him: There are two Jennings Mom-muh! (tone included) You know, (eye roll) Jennings-Evangeline and Jennings-Elton.

Me: *dying laughing…can’t breathe I am laughing so hard–and causing a traffic jam at the stop sign, I forgot what I was doing for a minute) Uhm, Dew (a nickname…his real nickname is Xan..but I saw Xanadu, so Dew stuck) it’s the same Jennings. Those are the towns to the North of Jennings, and you get there by taking the road the other way.

Him: ooooohhhhhhhh! So you mean there is only one Lafayette? It’s just different parts?

Me: Are you messing with me? Because you know I can fall for crap pretty easy.

Him: uhmm yeah, of course I am. Totally messing with you. Ha..see.

Oh yeah, real believable.



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