I am…

a Momma. There is a difference between mothers and moms and mommys and of course mommas. Mothers are the things that child abuse movies are made about. Moms are usually the step-mothers in my life. Mommys are the first couple years of life, when everything is done for the child because they simply don’t know how to do it themselves…and finally Momma–we help, we do, we fix, we fuss, we correct…we pull our hair out at the slightest voice inflection of annoyance in a child….let’s face it…Mommas are real.

a future Wife. This means we are engaged and currently planning our ceremony. We have already pledged to spend our life together, we are just waiting to sign the paper. Yes, by planning our ceremony, I mean the same thing a pregnant woman means when she announces she is expecting: If you are my friend, expect me to gush, change my mind, hate and bore you to tears with conversations regarding everything. I’m very sorry, and I hate that I actually do it…but…I’m a girl, it’s chromosomal.

a Student. I am currently full-time at University  of Louisiana-Lafayette. I am education major and hope to be a History Teacher when I grow up. Why? Because it is so flipping interesting. If I had my way, I would be an eternal student. I want to study Sociology, Psychology, Chemistry, and just about every other subject there is.

quite aware that I am probably leaving out something, but that is simply because I have learned: You can’t say enough to actually please everyone, someone will always criticize.


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