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Yep, Chipless Dip

Ok, this is going to be quick!


It’s one of those, to long for a status update…kinda irrelevant too with out the back story, but way to Me, not to share.

So, last night. I’m looking at ifunny, I love ifunny. If you dont know who they are, check it out here http://ifunny.mobi , there is also an app for your phone. ANYWAY! They posted up this picture:

This is the funniest commercial in the world to me right now. I laugh like a fool when it comes on.

Now, the part about me last night:

I was sitting here watching TV with my kiddos and looking at ifunny,  I see this and out of my mouth (my hand to baby Jesus) I said…out loud mind you: “OH NEAT! THEY HAVE THIS COMMERCIAL IN OTHER PLACES!” …yep, I said it. My very intelligent 12 year old, just looked at me and shook his head. What ever was I thinking.

Then today, I’m having a conversation with a very good friend of mine, she is loud and outrageous and often speaks before thinking, but that is what makes her …her. ANYWAY!

And she pointed out that I am rather simple. Not in a “simpleton” kind of way, but in a child-like honest kind of way. That if I say or do something it is what it is, and nothing more. I am a dip, without chips at times. But, that’s ok. I  would rather be naive, it keeps me from taking myself or my life to seriously.

I was at one time a mean and vindictive person, like no other. Until I realized that I am the cause of my own unhappiness, and unless I can be happy with  me…no one else will be. I think I’m much better to be around now.


One more, for a frequent blog follower–you know who you are:

I read your Facebook status today, and then proceeded to, some say stalk; I say research, the comments that followed.

The status was about bringing your daughter  to the hospital because she isnt feeling well, and one comment you made was “time for my LYSOL bubble”…now to everyone else…they knew what you meant. I however, sat here for about 5 minutes trying to figure out what you meant.

“Laughing YourSelf Out Loud” …no, why would she laugh if her daughter is sick?

“Leaving Your Sanity on the Lawn”…well, that kinda fits.

“Leave Your Socks On the Line”…I don’t think she hangs clothes to dry.

And then it hit me! *facepalm*…lysol, the disinfectant….yep, she’s a bit OCD…or in her case CDO because she puts the letters in order, none the less…she was my “LAMSBIACD” moment.

“Laugh At Myself Because I’m A Chipless Dip”

Happy Thursday!