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Let me catch you up

Oh sweet heavens it’s been forever!!

How ya been?

How’s ya Momma?

(Sorry, that’s something we do down here; we say hello and immediately ask about your Momma)

Well, if I were to catch you up on all of the craziness that is Katherine Grace we would be here for DAYS people! So I will see what little tidbits I have saved in my phone and what little things she’s come up with lately.  So, here goes in a numbered list.

1.  Driving down the road, I am in the backseat with her and she looks at me and figures out I do NOT have my seatbelt on, the following commences:

Momma! You don’t have your seatbelt on!

No baby, I don’t.


(Ok, she has my interest perked) Tickled?

YES MOMMA! The Cat is gonna come tickle you for not wearing a seatbelt.

A cat Gracie?

(she covers her mouth to giggle)

Nooo Momma (because clearly I misunderstood her) a Cop is gonna tickle you for not wearing a seat belt!

(okay then!)

2. Going shopping with Aunt Kasey and Aunt Andrea, she is quiet in her car seat and staring out the window:

“Hey Momma”

Me–Yes baby?

“Momma  where is God”

Me– Everywhere baby.

(she is staring intently at the clouds)

“Is God like our step-dad?”

Me–Uhm, what?

“Is God like our step-dad?  You know, he loves us all the time  no matter what  like Papa?”

Me–Yes baby, exactly.

“Oh good, I hope  God is taking care of your Daddy since  he is daddy-sitting for you”

Awesome–She has God babysitting my Dad

3. Ok this one deserves the full back story:

We were on our way home from daycare the other day and she is once again, in her carseat. Yes, I know, it seems all she ever does is sit in her carseat, but well that is the best place that she comes up with her material. Anyway, we were almost home and she was asking what we were doing after dinner. Was it movie night, I said no, she had to take her bath…this is what ended up.

Her: Momma I gotta take a bath when I get home?

Me: Yes baby

Her: Do I have to get dressed?

Me: Yes baby

Her: What can I wear

Me: Your underwear…your..(Hysterical laughter from the backseat)

 I flip the mirror so I can see her and she is damn near in tears laughing. I mean whole heartedly just got her first Eddie Murphy joke funny. She also has her mouth covered  and can not breathe she is laughing so flipping hard.

Me: Uhm, are you ok?

Her: (STILL LAUGHING!) You….(LAUGHING)….Said….(laughing)…UNDERWEAR….(laughs harder)

Me: *dumb founded*

Her: *laughing harder and repeating underwear over and over* Momma I’m a GIRL! DUHHH

Me: uhm, yes I know.

Her: I wear PANTIES…boys wear underwear!!! *fits of laughter*

We get home and she comes in the house….XANNNNNNIEEE MOMMA SAID I WEAR UNDERWEAR!!! The older girl then comes out of her room…no, we’re girls you wear panties.

Ahh…they’ve been talking again. Dammit!

Love your children, let them express themselves…in 50 years they will decide which kind of home to put us in: the good one with the pool, or the one with medicine in the paper cups.